A happy relationship can certainly be one of the greatest feelings in the world, but finding yourself in a miserable relationship, one that leaves you feeling mentally and physically unfulfilled, feels quite terrible. We’ve all been there. Your relationship starts off almost dream-like. You’re laughing and smiling all the time. You want nothing more than to just be with them. Doing nothing at all. Just being in their presence is enough.

It seems like it happens almost overnight, things take a wrong turn, and your relationship comes crashing down into a million little fragments of miscommunications and resentments. The pieces are so tiny, they can’t possibly fit back together properly. The damage is done. But it didn’t all happen overnight. It takes time. It took weeks or months of not listening. Neglecting. Miscommunications. Selfishness. Days void of consideration, passion, and laughter. They became filled with meaningless small talk, “How was work?” Instead of “Tell me how you are today.”

If you’ve done quite a bit of dating, you’ve been there. You know how it feels. It eventually comes to an end and you either feel so broken, that you collect the pieces of whatever parts of you are left and walk away to rebuild yourself elsewhere, or you walk away unscathed because you were mentally absent from your relationship long before your break up.

Here are some of the biggest red-flags, that it’s time to end your relationship before you waste another second of your life.

1. Your relationship mentally and physically drains you. It doesn’t leave you feeling energized or inspired, you may even begin to feel depressed, restless, or physically ill.

2. Communication consists of very basic, meaningless small talk, and compliments become nonexistent. You dread phone calls (if they even answer the phone) because they almost feel like a chore.

3. Your sex life was better when you were single, because when you were single, you actually got laid.

4. Your partner tells you that they “question the relationship.”

5. You feel that most days you are living completely separate lives.

6. Most days consist of your partner being selfish, inconsiderate, and completely self-absorbed. Everything is about their needs and wants. From the bedroom to what you are eating for dinner, it seems to always be their way.

7. You have to beg for their attention.

8. They realize they are falling short of their relationship duties and verbally admit this, but do nothing to correct the issue(s).

9. They can’t even meet your bare minimum requirements for a relationship.

10. Your relationship no longer serves any type of purpose.

11. You’re beginning to daydream about seeing other people.

When your relationship ends, be thankful for the lessons you have learned along the way. Find comfort in knowing you are one step closer to finding a happy relationship with someone who will not only adore you, but will also give you the attention you deserve.



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